Andy McMillan, Publisher

Andy McMillan is a designer and coffee fiend who founded The Manual in 2011. He also is the founder of Build, a design conference, and co-organizer of XOXO, an experimental arts and technology festival.

Paulo Pereira, Digital Designer

Paulo is a designer and developer based in Berlin. Previously, he designed websites for XOXO and Build.

Lisa Sanchez, Editor in Chief

Lisa Sanchez is a writer at Dropbox and an advocate for the reading experience. Formerly at Readmill, she studied at Harvard and began her career at a small academic press. While she now calls San Francisco home, she’s lived in and loved Boston, Atlanta, and Berlin.

David McMillan, Art Director

David McMillan is an illustrator based in Bristol. He has created work for a various range of editorial clients, including Another Escape, The Loop, and Boneshaker, in addition to his own personal narrative projects