by Wilson Miner

Remembered phone conversations and a reflection on a father's legacy offer a deeper sense of what it is that makes work worthwhile. The idea of the "dream job" is overturned.


by Diana Kimball

From across the web, happy news provokes a painful response. After several milestones are reached in parallel, an uncomfortably similar path gives way to a shared revelation.


by Cennydd Bowles

A first job out of university is awkward, even funny, and a little challenging. Then a national epidemic and a heartbreaking call lends new gravity to the work at hand.


by Trent Walton

"What do you do?" may be a hard question to answer. But when we learn to articulate the complexity and value of our work, we gain not only better understanding but greater respect for our profession.


by Jon Tan

On a beach in the Gulf of Thailand, a jarring encounter illustrates cultural difference in the extreme. Even a gesture, a smile, an interjection is dangerous when left untranslated.


by Dan Rubin

For a youthful new member of the Barbershop Harmony Society, an honest mistake leads to a gesture of careful teaching and a lesson in kindness, discretion, and respect.