by Heather Ryan

Childhood memories of the Chihuahuan Desert give way to an imagined desert: the haunting landscape of the archived, abandoned web.


by Paul Ford

An old radio show about nothing gained widespread popularity during WWII. Today it offers some relief from the dissonance between everyday life and a broader, broken world.


by Duane King

As the evolution of the reading experience unfolds from text to hypertext, there's new opportunity and responsibility to be found in bringing text to life.

As We May Link

by Jeremy Keith

The history of hypertext reaches as far back as the history of storytelling. Its future, in turn, is characterized by the power of building connections across an ever-expanding body of knowledge.


by Jon Tan

Playing off our enthusiasm for the new, galleries misrepresent web design as a state, not a process. In the exhibition and archival of web design, more context is essential.

Off the Page

by Dan Rubin

The concept of the page has lasting influence on our understanding of the web. An awareness of the history and meaning of the term makes room for new possibilities in the evolution of the web.